PIPE AND REINFORCEMENT BAR BENDING MACHINE and digital display unit (DDU) model ИП1722

Used for bending pipes and fittings in blank production shops of machine-building and repair enterprises as well as enterprises of construction industry.

The machine consists of a box-type welded frame with a two-step worm reducer secured therein to the table propelled by an electric motor through V-belt transmission. A bending bar with replaceable rollers is mounted on the output shaft of reducer for bending pipes of different diameter and bushings for bending reinforcement bars in cold condition.

To prevent a work from drawing along its axis, there is a work clamp.

Coordinates of a bending angle are read on digital display unit.

Manual lubrication system. Foot-operated.

The set of replacement rollers for bending pipes with a nominal passage way Ø 15, 20, 25, 32, 40, and 50.

The set of bushings for bending fittings is supplied on request for a fee.

Basic specifications

Nominal inside diameter of bent pipes, nominal d mm
Steel grades St3,St5, GOST 380-2005 and steel grades 10,15,20,35,40, GOST 1050-88
at σв ≤ 60 kgf/mm2
Steel grades St3, St5, GOST 380-2005 and steel grades 10,15,20, GOST 1050-88
at σв ≤ 42 kgf/mm2

15; 20; 25; 32

40; 50
Min. permissible bending radius for pipes, mm (in accordance with diameter of bent pipes) 50; 65; 90; 115
150; 200
Diameter of bent rods in accordance with GOST 5781-82, cl.А-I, σв ≤ 38 kgf/mm2 , mm 12,14,16,18,20
Min. permissible bending radius of rod fittings, mm:
   - for diameters 12,16,18
   - for diameters 20,22,25,28
   - for diameters 32,36,40

Bending shaft rotary speed 1/min 3,0
Maximum bending angle, degree
   - for pipes with nominal bore 15, 20,25
   - for pipes with nominal bore 32,40,50

Installed power, kWt 5,5
Overall dimensions, mm
   - from left to right
   - rearward
   - height above the floor level

Mass, kg 800


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