4836_ The 4836 moulding machine is a pneumatic, shaking, second compaction machine. It is designed for manufacture of one-time half-moulds made of sand and clay mixtures in small series and mass production.

The machine operates in the following manner.

A mould box is placed on the press shake table and it is filled with moulding sand. Compressed air, which ensures upward movement of the cylinder, is fed into the hollow space of the shaking cylinder.  During upward movement air cutoff occurs under the cylinder, then exhaust follows. When the table falls, impact (shaking) occurs. Shaking process runs as long as compressed air is fed in the cylinder hollow space.

After shaking process is completed, the cross-beam and squeeze plate are rolled to the pressing position.  Compressed air is fed into pressure and draw cylinders. The pressure cylinder presses mould box to the squeeze plate. Final compacting of moulding sand in the mould box occurs.

Draw cylinders are moved upwards together with the pressure cylinder – a model is drawn from the mould box, vibrators are turned on to assist process of drawing of the model.

The pressure cylinder is lowered together with the shaking table to the initial position. Draw cylinders remain in upper position. The mould is lowered together with the table till the mould box sets on upper butt ends of rods. The under-mould plate together with the table are moved to the initial position.  Formed clearance between the mould box and the squeeze plate allows back movement of the cross beam.

A ready mould is removed from the machine by a workshop lifter, then the draw cylinders and rods return to their initial position.


Cycle output, half-mould/h, min 40
Mould box dimension, in clear, mm  
   length 1000
   width 600
(It is allowed to use mould boxes with in-clear dimensions, mm) 800х630  630х500
In-clear mould box height, mm 250
Draw travel, mm 220
Bearing capacity, kg, min 900
Moulding force, кN, min 90
Network pressure of compressed air, MPa 0,5-0,63
Overall dimensions, mm, max.  
   length 2210
   width 1265
   height 1980
Max. weight, kg 2950

The machine is a one-position piece of equipment with a step-by-step rolling cross-beam, moving to the moulding position. The principal part of the machine is a shaking table with  installed vibrator. The machine base is a steel frame with one pressure and four draw pneumatic cylinders mounted in the center.


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