A principal peculiarity of the development is defined by means of the structural union of the sheet bending press and the shears for list material cutting, comprising the single machine, whereof the combined operating body is moved by the same actuator, and it performs the bending operation while moving upwards, and the cutting operation while moving downwards, without additional readjustment.
Bending of complex parts by one passage, bending by radius, hole punching and die stamping can be fulfilled in special press tools to be supplied for individual payment.
The working body actuator is hydraulic, via the lever providing the synchronous operation of hydraulic cylinders and excluding the misalignment.
Rear rests, which are different for cutting and bending make it possible to manufacture the parts of the required precision.
Back support drive and slide adjusting device are managed by the electric motors.
The magnitude of adjustment of the rests is controlled on devices of digital indication (DDU).

Basic specifications of the presses

Biggest sizes of the cut metal having the temporary resistance
õв it is less than or equal 500MPa (5         0 kg/mm2), mm
- thickness x width x length at operation with the rear rest

4 х 2500 х 630
Rated bending force, kN 400
Sheet thickness at the maximum bending length (the biggest impression), mm 3,5
Clear distance between the bed posts, mm 2570-2
Adjusted slider travel, mm 80...120
Biggest adjustment of the slider travel, mm, at least 40
Operating pressure, MPa 13,0
Power of the main actuator motor, kW 7,5
The total power of the electric motors, kw 9,8
Overal dimensions of the press, mm
- from left to right x rearwards x height

3310 х 1690 х 2560
Mass, kg 5550
Control system relay


Impression width Min. length of flange unbending Bending radius Sheet thickness (S), mm
A B R 1 1,2 1,5 2 2,5 3 4 5 6 8 10
7 6 1 8 12 19                
10 7 1,6   8 13 23              
15 11,5 2,5       15 24            
26 18 4,4           20 36        
38 28 6             24 38 55    
58 41,5 10               25 36 64 100

Determination of bending force (tons) at L = 1000 mm, õv = 40 MPa


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