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The Pinsk open joint-stock company “Kuzlitmash” is the leading Belarus machine tool building enterprise. It is well known in the CIS countries as a manufacturer of press-forging and foundry equipment, and in recent years it has been known as a producer of high-performance agricultural machinery.

The history of the enterprise goes back to 1971, when in accordance with the order of the Ministry of Machine Tool Building Industry of the former USSR, construction of a factory was launched to produce unified and special parts to foundry automatic lines, the first enterprise of the machine tool industry, whose construction was planned in the Pinsk town. The first phase of the factory was put in operation in January 1974.

Starting with relatively simple foundry machines (equipment for preparation of forming materials and aluminum alloys metering devices etc.) the factory gradually developed production of more complex machines which had not been produced in the USSR before – complexes of mechanical equipment for injection moulding designed for use with robots and manipulators, complexes for mechanization of trimming and fettling operations, various equipment to mechanize casting of ferrous and non-ferrous alloys, and, finally, automatic moulding lines.

New types of equipment have been developed by the specialists from the design office of machine tool building which is a part of the factory.
Along with the factory development (later – it was named the Foundry equipment production association) a construction of a second enterprise of a machine tool complex was carried out in the Pinsk town – a factory for press-forging automatic lines, the first phase was commissioned in 1975. A range of crank-elbow coining presses and presses for cold extrusion of metal parts, automats to manufacture pressed items made of metal powder and their calibrating, sheet bending machines with a turning beam, mechanical tools for press working area, mechanical lines to produce square cell mesh made of steel knurled wire were among 300 press-forging machines and 30 automatic lines.

In accordance with the order of the Minister of machine tool building and tooling industry of the USSR no. 298 of July 18, 1985, a merger of the two enterprises took place. The new enterprise has been named the production association “Kuzlitmash”.

Following the decision of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus of October 14, 1991, no.385 the enterprise has passed into the ownership of the Republic of Belarus and is under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Industry of the Republic of Belarus.

The enterprise has been registered following the decision of the Brest region executive committee no. 108 of 14.02.2000, state registration certificate no. 200182698 as of 23.02.2000, TIN 200182698.

The total area of the enterprise - 34,5 ha. Today almost 700 highly qualified workers and engineers work at the Pinsk republican unitary machine-building enterprise “Kuzlitmash” which occupies an area of 86 thousand square meters with over 600 units of metal cutting equipment for turning, boring and drilling, flat, round and inner surface sanding, milling, gear-milling, slotting, cutting and sharpening operations.

There are galvanic, tooling, and electro-technical production departments and production department for industrial processing of rubber and plastics.

The development of new products for all sections of production program is achieved through cooperation of the engineer department of the enterprise with the leading research and specialized enterprises of the Republic of Belarus and CIS countries: - for machine tool building – with Unitary enterprise “BELNIILIT institute”, Belarus state polytechnic academy, the Engineering cybernetics institute, the Physical-engineering institute, the Institute of welding and protective covers, the Institute of molecular and atomic physics of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus.

Research and production potential of the enterprise allows manufacturing goods for many industry sectors.

Main types of manufactured products:

Press-forging equipment: sheet bending presses, coining presses, presses for cold extrusion of metal parts, sheet stamping presses and trimming presses, shears for cutting sheet and rolled products, tube bending machines, cross-wedge rolling complexes, lines for production of steel and knurled mesh.

Foundry equipment: automated moulding lines, forming machines, equipment for fettling foundry products and preparation of molding sand.

Agricultural (tillage) equipment: ploughs for wetlands.

Consumer goods: hardware products, gardening tools, etc.

Services: The Pinsk open joint-stock company “Kuzlitmash” provides services for upgrade and repair of press-forging and metal-cutting equipment (produced by the Pinsk open joint-stock company “Kuzlitmash”) as well as installation-related services (supervision during the process of installation, commissioning and start-up, training of maintenance personnel) for equipment produced by the Pinsk open joint-stock company “Kuzlitmash”.

Equipment manufactured by the open joint-stock company “Kuzlitmash” is used in workshops of many enterprises of various industries of the CIS countries, including such well known enterprises as the Minsk automobile plant, Commercial vehicle plant (GAZ group), Ural truck plant, Minsk tractor works, Volgograd and Chelyabinsk tractor plants, Nizhny Tagil boiler and radiator plant, Krolevets and Georgiyev valve plants, Gomel and Saransk foundries etc., press-forging equipment is supplied to enterprises in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, the Baltic states, India etc.


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